Bronze Union Foot Valve>
FIG 5500

Bronze Union Foot Valve10k

Parts and materials list
Part Material
Body Cast Bronze 
Bonnet Cast Bronze
Disc SUS 304
Connecting nut Cast Bronze
Gasket PTFE
Spring SUS 304

Dimension Unit : mm

  1/2 3/4 1
Size 15 20 25
L 52.5 59 68
*Union type effects an easier repair.
*Adopt stainless steel disc chip, stainless steel holding chip an spring, can be used in saturated steam pressure.
*No limitation for installation angle.
Working pressure marking = 300psi
Water, Oil, Air under 120°C = 30kgf/cm2
Saturated steam=20kgf/cm2
Hydrostatic test pressure
Shell = 105kgf/cm2
Seat = 70kgf/cm2